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What exactly is the Unicult?


The Unicult is a club for friends. It is an interactive art project. It is through the mail, IRL, and on the internet.  It is member driven and open to all.

There are currently three levels of participation.

The first level of participation is to be a follower. Perhaps you’d like to join the F.B. group (Unicult a club for friends) or follow the tumblr - or chat on the tinychat- maybe you’re comfortable with observing The Unicult from a distance. This level of participation is a Follower. 

The second level of participation is becoming a True Member. True Members have completed and returned the paper-and-ink Unicult Application (no digital copies accepted). True Members are benefited with a welcome package, a member number, and a citizenship certificate. 


Brainwashers are Unicult members who are artists. They participate at the highest level, creating art under the Brainwasher brand and adhering to a specific set of guidelines. Brainwashers can utilize the resources of the Unicult to create a better world through creative expression. Current Brainwasher Projects Include The UN1V3RS3 website and The End of the World zine. If you are a True Member and would like to know more about the benefits of becoming an Official Brainwasher, please e-mail youarebeingbrainwashed@gmail.com for more information.


Who started the Unicult and why?


Member number 21-14-1, Unicole, She Who Has Come Back to Life from Certain Death, The Brainwasher started the Unicult in 2012 out of a fit of sheer boredom. It’s purpose is to heal the masses from the poisonous grip of modern society and inspire members to become their true selves through networking and creative expression.


How Can I join?


It’s Easy! To become a member you just send your mailing address to jointheunicult@gmail.com. In 4-10 business days you will receive a paper-and-ink application. Or, download and print the online application here. Please note, no digital copies are accepted, the form must be mailed to the P. O. Box listed.


We hope that this information has been useful in your decision to join the Unicult. If you have any further questions feel free to email Unicole directly at unicole.unicron@gmail.com.


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